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The Rocket Man- Kim meets the President Donald Trump

15, Mar 2019 By jayprakash s. chauhan

It’s really surprising. The president Donald Trump & Kim Jong Un meets at a hotel in Singapore. The Singapore summit. The meeting was important. Important because for a long time, America & North Korea were behaving as enemies. Insulting each other & threatening each other. Hence, to destroy each other by using nuclear weapons. But, anyhow, they have come closer.

The North Korean president is a dictator. His nature & personality is unpredictable. One cannot predict how he will react in a particular situation.TrumpKimJongUn-971754378

The meeting

The first talk starts in a cordial & friendly atmosphere. The president Trump shake hands & give him good wishes.The president now comes to the point.

Trump says, ‘Mr. Kim, you are known as rocket man.Moreover, you are very smart.In fact, I am fond of your hair style.’  Kim starts laughing. Kim puts his hand on the cheek of Trump. Kim replies, you POTUS, you are funny & humorous. I like your nature.

Trump now adds. ‘Dear friend, you have nuclear weapons, missile & all sort of destructive weapons. Why don’t you stop producing them & destroy them? If you do that I shall protect you & also your poor country. In addition, America is ready to lift all sanctions & also  military from South Korea.’

Kim is now serous. He says, ‘you POTUS, you first destroy your weapons. My weapons are for my protection. Even, I can use them to control my citizens. And of course, I do not care for human rights. Moreover, Kim is now angry.

Trump now tries to tackle the situation. ‘My dear friend, we have very good medicines to increase your sex power. Moreover, I can provide beautiful American girls. However, much better than your sex pleasure team (sex slaves).’

But,the dictator shouts to his secretary. ‘Let’s move to Pyongyang.’ Thus, he leaves the summit at the speed

Of rocket.

In fact,in his absence, the North Korean people were preparing to leave the country.

The world leaders were expecting positive output. But, all in vein.