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Saudi man loses sleep

22, Jul 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Depression sends Saudi man into constant wakefulness, doctors even fail to find any definite cure. If one wants to obtain a car in gift one should try to lose sleep completely. When one Arab has been found depriving of his sleep for the past three long decades, one Emir came forward to extend all his open-heartedness for that nearly 70-year-old man. The core cause behind his condition was said to be his despair or depression.

When he lost his natural sleep he must have been in his youth. Now he looked quite old and depressed by his unending sickness. Even the medical experts were not finding a perfect solution to his abnormal bodily disorder of the consistent wakefulness. It was not a blurring reality. It was between his depression and insomnia.

It was a rare symptom of exceptional sleeplessness. His case was referred to several doctors and medical specialists but their help proved of no obviously profitable use for him. The medical science appeared to have found no possible cure for his constant wakefulness.

This man reached such condition after he stayed awake for as many as 20 consecutive days on an army assignment. Once his defence service ended he approached the doctors to consult the reason behind his strange ailment.

Even a team of doctors from as many as four countries examined his disorder of chronic insomnia but they were unable to find a suitable cure. Despite all the medicinal attempts his sleep never returned much to the awe of everyone.

The condition was worrisome and how could it be cured was a problem? When one Emir of Baha area heard his pitiable tale, he made him happy by promising him a car and taking care of all his needs. If it helped him how could there be no sleep?