A thief's luxrious funeral

07, May 2018 By shakeel ahmad

The living man was despicable throughout his breathing years. His notorious character as a thief brought him only infamy. This was evident when his funeral procession passed through the southeast London streets towards the church.

A resident nearby the Hither Green said of him, “I hope he rots in hell.” Further, “He caused numberless misery for aged people he preyed on over the years.” Still further, “He got what he deserved.” The local residents even blocked the road to put a stop to his funeral procession coming somewhere close to their homes.

What the family of 37-year-old thief demonstrated before the world was the luxurious funeral conducted after his death. Undeniably his funeral was taken out with much elaboration. It without difficulty remained a big show of money power as reports said that his family reportedly splashed a huge sum of one lakh pounds on his luxurious funeral.

The final procession left Vincent’s family home in Swanley, Kent with two funeral directors in top hats and walking with sticks in front of the silver Mercedes of the hearse carrying the thief’s coffin bearing a white floral tribute spelling DADDY. There was also seen bold floral spelling HENRY.

The hearse was followed by eight black limousines carrying family members and friends. The fleet snaked through the streets of southeast London.

A white flatbed lorry followed on behind with more floral arrangements including a vodka bottle tribute and a picture of Vincent. Garish floral tributes shaped like a BMW convertible, a Ford transit van, a caravan and a boxing ring were among those carried by vehicles in the cortege.

The 30-minute service at the church was attended by about 200 mourners. The occasion was put to watch by a force helicopter up to the church and afterwards the burial rites in a cemetery nearby.