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Trump to launch his own news agency: Promises transparent and real news

26, Feb 2017 By Rita

Washington: In the light of the recent Kansas shooting of two Indian engineers, U.S. President Donald Trump has again been the target of criticism for indirectly being the reason for the sudden but steady increase in hate-crimes in the USA. Even though White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer had told the reporters that it is “absurd” to link this act of violence to Trump’s stance on immigration, there has been multiple articles doing exactly that.

“These fake news & paid journalists keep writing about some imagined link between hate crimes and President Trump,” said a visibly upset but determined Sean Spicer at a press conference yesterday, “And that is why we think it is only appropriate and necessary to publish our own newspaper right now. At such a difficult time, when real unbiased news are scarce, it is our duty to ensure that our supporters, like, the citizens need to hear what really is happening. These are conspiracies against our President. We cannot and will not tolerate such acts that can add fuel to the hatred of the President. That is why we think it is absolutely the right time for us to announce our weekly newspaper: Trumped.”

Trumped will hit the stands 1st March,” added Spicer, “This will be more than just another newspaper. This will be our resistance against the sore losers, the so-called angry crowd, this will be our voice to the hard-working middle-class ‘Muricans who want the security of a good government, this will be the Truth!”

Later that day, President Trump took to his personal Twitter account to tweet:

trump tweet 2

trump tweet

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A source close to the Trumped publishing board has told Faking News that Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump will be the editor-in-chief of the newspaper while his wife, Melania Trump might make a return to her modelling career via Trumped.