UN lists GST filing and e way bill portal to the list of terrorist websites

05, Feb 2018 By sachu

New Delhi /New York: The UN security council in a new resolution black listed GST Filing web site and e-way bill generating website to the list of terrorizing websites list.

“Nothing to say these two websites are the most terrorizing websites in the world. Even the terrorist propoganda websites of ISIS and AlQaeda are not irritating people as these sites. People are committing suicide by knowing that these pages are not going to open in their life time after hitting refresh button a million times repeatedly showing the message ‘ page too busy'”, an UN official told to our foreign correspondent.

Responding to the situation official govt spokesman told faking news that this is due to network issue. Those who are using jio 4g can’t access these websites. Only people who are using BSNL or Airtel only open this website. These are the fastest network providers in india.

Pakistan suddenly took this issue to their advantage. ” Look how Indian government terrorizing their own people with such websites. It is in India where human rights violation taking place not in our country. We only kill children, activists and people who do not belongs to our religion and we are the most peace loving country in the world. Opening these Indian websites are sheer brutality.” Pakistan’s UN Ambassador Ms Maleeha Lodhi Roared in the Assembly meeting.

US president Mr. Donald Trump recommended these websites to FBI and CIA as a means to question the Guantanamo bay detainees instead of waterboarding, electrocuting etc.