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United Nations adopts definition of 'landlocked country' after marathon negotiations

31, Dec 2016 By Ajinkya Lakhepatil

UN News Centre: After tireless negotiations, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) today adopted definition of “landlocked country”. UNGA members had been negotiating about the exact terms for the desired definition of landlocked country since last two years. The top diplomats of UNGA finally ratified  the definition when UN is set to get ninth secretory general next year 2017.

The agreed upon definition of landlocked country contains about 500 pages of documents summing up all the scenarios. One condition demands a landlocked country to be a country of people who hate sea, rivers, oceans whatsoever and all other water related bodies. If people of any country prefer cold drinks instead of water then such hydrophobic country is also landlocked country. Any country with navy capacity cannot be called landlocked country according to the UN definition.

United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has also ratified the UNGA’s definition by 14 votes in favour and 1 abstention. Reportedly USA abstained in the UNSC voting for unknown reasons. USA spokesperson for United Nations said, “We neither condemn nor sponsor the definition of landlocked country. The United States of America has to abstain in this process.”

The incumbent Secretary General of United Nations Ban Ki-moon welcomed the consensus built to define highly contentious definition of landlocked country. The Secretary General extended, “I am satisfied to see the uniform consensus built to define the landlocked country. The landlocked country had been the point of disputes for several decades. I am obliged to be happy for this definition of landlocked country. I hope the countries will build similar consensus to define ‘drone’ and ‘bomb’ in recent future.”

The incoming Secretary General Antonio Guterres also welcomed the UNSC’s move to define the landlocked country. His statement read, “We need more and more such negotiations to yield such results.”

Reportedly, the UNGA diplomats are currently negotiating to define bomb and enlist its effects in Geneva.