US coalition to join hands with Taliban to fight ISIS

29, May 2015 By anuj

Baghdad: The United States and its allies fighting the ISIS terror group in Syria and Iraq have decided to help the Taliban fight ISIS in Afghanistan after admitting that they could not wage the terror war on so many fronts. The Taliban, a terror outfit in its own right has declared rival-terrorists ISIS an enemy and are actively engaging them in combat in Afghanistan.

The next big event in the boxing ring that’s the Middle-East

After reports of severe clashes between the two organizations emerged on Monday, a high level bilateral meeting between the Taliban and coalition forces ratified an agreement to co-operate in defeating ISIS and cease hostilities against each other for the duration of this agreement.

Taliban commander in charge of the ISIS offensive, Katleaam al-AK, in a press conference after the signing, said, “The ISIS is not doing Jihad, they are just upstart mercenaries who are not fighting the holy war but just want power. We condemn their actions and along with the Great Satan, God willing, we will destroy them.”

Military analysts in the UK and Germany are however apprehensive of this new coalition partner. Part of this apprehension is that the US has had an illicit relationship with the Taliban in the past and they expect an ex-lover spat to erupt in the middle of this crisis.

Political expert Sir Smartass Overseas says, “Although the coalition is hinging its hope on the Taliban to protect its Eastern flank, there is no saying when this misplaced trust will come back to bite it in the backside.”

The Afghan government, powerless to fight the Taliban and protect its own interests and sovereignty of its nation from the ISIS, has declined to comment on the matter.