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US gives 1000 night vision goggles as aid to Pakistan

07, Mar 2019 By MadinIndia
Traditional way for night vision in Pakistan Army
Traditional way for night vision in Pakistan Army

Islamabad: After the aftermath of the Indian air strike on Pakistan, an aid of 1000 night vision goggles has been announced as aid by United States. The Pakistan Armed Forces had complained that since their Chinese night vision goggles worked only during the day, this was a necessary help. They hope to be able to see Indian fighter jets the next time when they conduct the attacks.

US took this important decision after talks with Pakistan and realizing that since Pakistan would continue supporting their militant oops military brothers, they would definitely be subjected to further air strikes.

A Pakistani Major on condition of anonymity said, “we had expected 10,000 such goggles but even 1000 is a good start. After our experience with Chinese radars in detecting Indian jets, we decided American goggles were better.”

Indian sources from MEA expressed their disappointment on the announcement of this aid and will be taking this issue up with their American counterparts.