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World heading towards Mini Ice Age in the years to come

06, Feb 2019 By jayprakash s. chauhan

Unreliable sources says- the World Summit on global warming is going to be postpone. The conference is to be held in Prague- the Czech Republic. All such seminars on global warming to be held in February throughout the world are now postponed. This is because the global cooling has started. An unexpected event. This has affected the life the most in U.K. & U.S.A.

It’s a natural shut down. Everywhere there is ice. Hence the temperature has fallen to around -1500c. Trump’s shutdown is temporarily over. But, its natural shut down. Every one remains at home. The roads, offices, colleges are now empty.

What now!
What now!

Most of the countries experience a cold wave. China, India, U.K., Saudi Arabia, Russia & Africa. The temperature of the entire world is down.

The scientist now says that the climatic trend is now changing. Thus, we now are heading towards global cooling. Falling of temperature throughout the world. This may last for about 200 years. It may be a mini ice-age. There is some change in solar activity, it seems.

But, what about the global warming then? It’s quite confusing. But, it’s a climate change.

The god in heaven is observing the activities of all the species of the earth. Moreover, the almighty god observes that man is becoming cleverer. Thinks himself as intelligent. God says, I am infinite, has infinite energy. I can do anything I wish. I can create & destroy as I wish. Thus, the almighty god ask the sun god (Surya Devta) to change the solar activity. Thus, the solar activity will slowly decrease day by day.

The topmost scientist such as Einstein & Darwin are in heaven. They all have dedicated their research to the god. They are serving there. They all are now faithful theist.

Therefore, accepting the endless power of the infinite god.