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Wrong message ended in marital bliss

21, Mar 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Was it destined to happen? Were they thought of such union in their lives? Were they stoics, their matrimonial bliss would not have been possible? Albeit, the37-year-old lady Lina Dahlbeck has found love, she was never sure of it. In her words, “I had given up on love and then Michael sent that message and literally landed in my life.”

Why should one go through Seneca’s On the Happy Life and Ryan Holiday’s The Daily Stoic if one has a heart excitingly pounding for others’ feelings? What we read in a news report about the delivery of a message on the wrong number directs us to point the finger at stoics remaining calm and almost without any emotions.

A Whatsapp terse message sent by Michael Evangelou, 44, on a number he thought on his own as a reminder to see the film “Girls Trip” at the cinema hall was by mistake received by Lina Dahlbeck. The message was despatched from London.

What he really supposed to have messaged for his prompt reminder turned out a foundation for conjugal bliss. Both the persons never realised this kind of magic coming in their respective lives. What did not exist and when it was beginning to be present, the moment brought complete enjoyments.

Despite never meeting in the past, they were meeting for the whole life ahead. Their continuous conversations on the phone knocked down strict structures around man and woman relations as well as interactions. The two chatted for most of the day and must not have missed anything vital to them.

Being inhabitants of a free society their dating and discussions would not have been hindered until they got tired of such formalities. The pair finally got married on December 7, 2017. Their story may be an odd lesson on the love never expected.